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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereby referred to as Terms) shall apply to all User i.e. individuals or real estate agents / agencies who either wish to use the website BigOwner.pk or any services offered by BigOwner.pk. These Terms shall exclusively govern the usage of the Website and provision of any Service(s), in addition to any other agreement(s), as the case maybe. By using the Website or entering into any agreement(s) with BigOwner.pk, all Users i.e. individuals or real estate agent /agency confirms that it accepts these Terms. In an event, the Users, i.e. individuals or real estate agent / agency does not agree with these Terms, he or they should not use this Website or employ BigOwner.pk for any Service(s).

  1. Definitions

    In these Terms, the following words shall bear the meanings provided below:

    1. "Effective Date" means the date on which the User first started using the Website or entered into any agreement with BigOwner.pk.
    2. "Intellectual Property Rights" means all, registered or unregistered, copyrights, patents, design rights, database rights, trademarks and service marks and shall include all applications made in respect of any of the foregoing by BigOwner.pk, together with all trade secrets, know-how, rights to confidence and other intellectual and industrial property rights in all parts of the world.
    3. "Material" means any content published/posted/uploaded on the Website or otherwise, either directly by the user or provided to BigOwner.pk by the Real Estate Agent/ Agency, the content may include graphics, designs, writings, logos, etc.
    4. "Registration Details" means the details which a Real Estate Agent / Agency must provide, as applicable, while registering for the BigOwner.pk including name, phone numbers, email address, age and address.
    5. "Service" shall include the following:
      1. The use of the Website (BigOwner.pk) by the Real Estate Agent / Agency; or
      2. Any form of service, guidance, counselling, consultancy, training provided by the BigOwner.pk to the real estate agent or agency.
    6. "Unacceptable Material" means any Material which under the laws of any jurisdiction, may be considered:
      1. Obscene / illicit, racist or offensive to any cast, religion, nationality, insulting, false or misleading, blasphemous, alleged to be or actually defamatory or in infringement of any third party rights of whatever nature, including, but not limited to, any Intellectual Property Rights.
      2. To harm BigOwner.Pk’s reputation or goodwill or reputation of any of BigOwner.pk’s management, owners, directors, shareholders, officers, employees or related entities.
      3. To be in breach of any applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards or codes of practice regardless of the requirement of compliance.
    7. User means
      1. Any person, individual, real estate agent/organization/entity/agency who uses the Website for the purposes of publishing/posting/uploading of any Material (defined above) on the BigOwner.pk or visits the Website to obtain any information related to real estate; or
      2. Any person, individual, real estate agent/organization/entity/agency who has entered into any form of agreement with BigOwner.pk in respect of the any Service(s) offered/provided.
    8. "Website" means BigOwner’s website located at www.bigowner.pk, including but not limited to any sub-domain(s), software(s) or mobile app(s), as the case maybe.
    1. User Terms & Regulations
      1. While registering for BigOwner.pk, the User must enter accurate, current and complete Registration Details. The User shall be under responsibility to promptly update Registration Details, after any change(s) therein, before continuing the use of the Website for further Service(s).
      2. The User hereby assures to BigOwner.pk that it is of legal age, and has the legal capacity to enter into and execute contracts.
      3. BigOwner.pk reserves the unconditional right to withdraw or remove any Material from the Website without prior notice to the User and to refuse/decline posting of any Material by the User.
      4. The User hereby acknowledges BigOwner.Pk’s right to record User's Registration Details and data relating to its use of the Website. BigOwner.pk will not share/disclose the said recorded data with third parties, other than as an aggregated, anonymous data.
      5. The real estate agent/agency hereby solemnly agrees to the condition that they will not charge any sort of brokerage/commission/service charges from the client/lead/customer gained from the platform of BigOwner.pk. Whether the contract is of sale, rent or buy or any other nature, the estate agent/agency shall not charge any fee from BigOwner.pk’s client. However, the real estate agent/agency is free to charge its 2% brokerage/commission or service charges from their own client.
      6. The real estate agent/agency agrees to the term set by BigOwner.pk that its logo/brand details/entity name/contact details will be hidden on the listing’s page.
      7. BigOwner.PK may send a small file (the “Cookies”) to the User's computer, laptop, tablets, cell phones (the “System”) when it visits the Website. The Cookies will enable BigOwner.pk to identify the User's System, record its behavior on the Website and to identify the User's particular areas of interest so as to enhance the User's experience for future visits to the Website. The Cookies will not enable Big to BigOwner.PK to identify the User and BigOwner.PK shall not use it other than the purpose stated in these Terms. The User can set its System’s browser(s) to reject Cookies but this may affect the performance of the Website.
      8. The User acknowledges and accepts BigOwner.Pk’s right to disclose any data or information of the User, without its consent, if required to do so by law or by the order of any Court(s) or at the request of any law enforcement agency or governmental authority.
      9. If the User does not wish BigOwner.PK to use any of its information, including User’s Registration Details, as set out in Clauses 2.4, 2.7 and above, it should not submit its Registrations Details and should stop using the Website.
      10. BigOwner.PK reserves the ultimate right to suspend or terminate the User's account where, BigOwner.PK deems such suspension appropriate. In an event of any such suspension or termination, BigOwner.Pk will notify the User by an email and the User must not seek to re-register either directly or indirectly through any other person/organization/entity.
      11. BigOwner.PK takes reported, un-reported and actual infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and fraud extremely seriously. BigOwner.PK shall not be liable for breach of any Intellectual Property Rights. However, BigOwner.Pk requests all Users to report such matters immediately and BigOwner.PK’s administration shall inform the appropriate authorities.
      12. User agree to not transmit any material designed to interrupt or damage the functionality of the Website.
      13. User agrees to not copy any material or reverse engineer any process of the BigOwner.pk.
      14. User hereby agrees and acknowledges to not use the website, its services or app in any manner that is illegal/immoral or harmful to BigOwner.Pk.
      15. User agrees not to interfere in any other user’s use of the website or its services.
      16. User agrees to not behave in offensive or abusive manner while using this website.
      17. User hereby understands and agrees that it shall not have any right to cancel the service(s) or agreement(s) executed between BigOwner.PK and User, without prior written consent of BigOwner.PK.
      18. User hereby acknowledges that any payment made by him to BigOwner.PK for usage of the website or its services shall not be refundable in any event whatsoever.
      19. User grants a 100% royalty free and irrevocable license to BigOwner.PK to use, distribute, display, notify, reproduce all or any material posted by user, by uploading on website. User also assures that he/she has all necessary rights to grant BigOwner.PK these rights.
      20. BigOwner.PK shall not held responsible for any direct or indirect loss, consequential loss, loss in profit, goodwill or revenue to any user by information or services provided by BigOwner.PK.
      21. BigOwner.PK makes all reasonable efforts to exclude viruses or potential harmful malware from the website. However, no liability is upon BigOwner.PK. The User shall be under responsibility to take all necessary and appropriate safeguards before using this website or download any material from this website.
      22. BigOwner.PK shall not be held responsible in any respect for any information presented on its website. Furthermore, the user shall do all financial decisions on its own risk while relying on the material posted on the BigOwner.PK.
      23. BigOwner.PK shall not be held liable for any interruption or suspension in service, whether intentional or otherwise.
      24. BigOwner.PK deserves the right to review, update, alter or amend these terms and conditions, in its sole discretion. A notification will be put on the website if this happens.