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Published On: 2016-12-07

PHAF to increase membership fee

Islamabad: The Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHAF) is planning to increase membership fee for its various apartment projects in the country, states a news report. However, the final decision will be taken in the board’s next meeting.
According to details, membership fee of different apartment projects of PHAF is PKR 20,404 at the moment and the foundation has so far collected PKR 25,562,000 in this regard. Per the news source, membership fee will be increased according to the pay scales of government officials.
Per the new rule, the government employees having grades 1 to 14 will pay PKR 10,000 instead of PKR 5,000. An amount of PKR 15,000 will be charged from employees of grades 17, 18 and 19, while those with grades 20, 21 and 22 will pay PKR 25,000 as membership fee.
The membership fee for general public was PKR 25,000 previously and information about the amount they would be required to pay according to the new rule hasn’t been shared.