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CDA declared all housing societies as ‘illegal’ in Islamabad Zone-III

Islamabad, March: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued a public notice declaring all housing societies in Islamabad Zone-III as illegal. The notice has been issued to the general public in their own interest to refrain from buying plots & properties from following projects:
1- Ali Town
2- Green Meadows (North Ridge)
3- Al Rayan Residency
4- Major Makhdoom Society
5- Green Hills
6- Arcadia City
All of the above mentioned real estate projects are declared illegal & un-authorized by the CDA as they are being built on safe zone without any approval of the CDA.
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has also initiated an inquiry into above mentioned illegal housing societies operating at Margalla Hills: North Ridge, Ali Town, Al Rayan Residency (not present on the site), Major Makhdoom Society, Green Hills, (not available on the site but there is still a signboard in front of a house), and Arcadia City.
Some other illegal housing societies in Islamabad are:
Abdullah Gardens,Park View City Housing Scheme, Al Sahib Heights, Ahad Residences,Arcadia City & Major Makhdoom Society.
CDA has also notified the real estate developers and sponsors of the above mentioned projects to not book, sell, advertise & develop projects. In case of non-compliance, CDA will take strict action against builders under the relevant law.
It is pertinent to mention here that Islamabad city is divided into 5 Zones, I, II, III, IV & V. Their total land area is as follows:
Islamabad Zone Land Area (Acres)
Zone I 54,958.25
Zone II 9804.92
Zone III 50,393,01
Zone IV 69,834.35
Zone V 39,029.45
Zone III is basically consists of Margalla Hills National Park, forest area & other protected ranges as notified under section 21 of the Islamabad Wild Life (Protection, Preservation, Construction & Management) Ordinance 1979. Any real estate construction, trade, land allocation or related services/business is prohibited in this zone as per provisions of ICT Zoning Regulation 1992.