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Tenant Services

  • Detailed rental valuation of the property will be conducted the top-tier industry professionals approved by SBP and PBA. The report will indicate the actual rental worth of the property as well as its ROI ratio as per the market price / worth of the property.
  • A complete and detailed overview of the property with supporting photographs to make sure that the property remains in a good condition even after renting out.
  • Rent collection, utility bills collection from the tenant on timely manner. BigOwner.pk officials will make sure that your property earns for you in a most efficient and hassle-free way.
  • At a fraction of commission rate, BigOwner.pk will make sure to keep your property in an excellent condition during the full tenancy period. Our officials will also make sure a smooth transaction during the shifting process, so that your property remains as good as it was before renting out.
  • Our commission rates are further more viable and affordable as compare to the local real estate agent. It is obviously better to deal with BigOwner.pk rather than local estate agent as we are providing more convenient services on a less price.
  • BigOwner.pk also offers great convenience to its “360 Property Management Clients” in all legal aspects of renting-out the property. We ensure our clients in proper rental agreements between tenant & landlord, tenant police verifications, periodic property inspections & residential or commercial compliance issues in an effective way.
  • BigOwner.pk’s flagship service “360 Property Management” can be avail in following cities of Pakistan. i.e., Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad & Multan. We are in a process of expansion of this service in at least 10 major cities of Pakistan by the end of current year.
  • BigOwner.pk’s officials can help landlords in tenant sourcing, tenant screening, rental agreements, rental valuations, periodic property inspections, police verifications, compliance and legal issues pertaining to the tenancy. These services are not easy to do it on your own due to liaising with different government departments and various departmental procedures.

Property Evaluation before Selling Out

  • Detailed property valuation report by industry leaders clearly indicating the current market worth of the property.
  • This report will also mention the near future price of the property affected by various factors.
  • This will help the seller to make the decision whether it is right time to sell the property or should he wait to gain maximum benefit out from the property.
  • The report can be used by the owners in order to get bank loans and mortgages.

Marketing of the property for Selling

  • Priority marketing of the property on various platforms, i.e. web, social media and related.
  • Apply cosmetic changes to increase the property’s interior appeal.
  • Management of calls, negotiation with the buyers, and property visits.

Selling related services

  • Step by step guidance of the property selling process by our qualified account managers.
  • A list consisting of shortlisted property buyers seriously interested in your property.
  • Inform the landlord about the grading and the selection of tenant.
  • Property selling agreement and legal documentation with the buyer to avoid any mishap in the future.
  • BigOwner.pk’s legal panel of qualified lawyers will advise property owners in case of any code violation or legal dispute with the buyer.
  • Receiving of token amount (advance) and full payment from the buyer and deposit it into the property owner’s bank account.