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Tenant Services

Property Evaluation before Renting Out

  • Detailed property evaluation before renting out to gain maximum possible rental value.
  • A complete report indicating its RMV (rental market value) and depicting interior and exterior pictures to the landlord before renting out the property.
  • Suggestions to the landlord on cosmetic improvements and necessary repairs that will increase the property’s rental income while maintain a good return on investment.

Marketing of the property for rent out

  • Priority marketing of the property on various platforms, i.e. web, social media and related.
  • Apply cosmetic changes to the property’s interior appeal.
  • Management of calls, negotiation with the tenants, and property visits.

Tenancy related services

  • Complete background check of the shortlisted tenant, including his verification from police, CPLC, and from criminal databases of various law enforcement agencies.
  • Income estimation of the tenant to validate that he/she is able to pay rent on a timely basis.
  • Inform the landlord about the grading and the selection of tenant.
  • Tenancy agreement and legal documentation from the tenant to avoid any mishap in the future.
  • Complete review of the property and move in inspection report (including pictures and videos of the property) before shifting of the tenant. The report will be signed by the tenant as well.
  • Receiving of security deposit (advance) and monthly rent income from the tenant and deposit it into the property owner’s bank account.

  • BigOwner.pk’s legal panel of qualified lawyers will advise property owners in case of any code violation or legal dispute with the tenant.
  • Perform periodic inspections on a regular basis of the property to check the property’s condition, repair needs and to check agreement violations. The inspection report will be sent to the property owners as well on pre-specified schedule.